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Custom Work
DCC Train controls, regular decoder and sound decoder installed HO and N Scales
 We carry systems and components from MRC, and NCE, depending on what type of system you need we can provide systems to suit all scales, and budget. We can also help you design your system, and advise you on setting up wii-throttle smartphone wireless throttle apps and JMRI computer model railroad applications and signal detection setups.
Currently we carry and install decoders from TCS (sound/non sound), Soundtraxx (Tsunami/non sound) and loksound (sound/non sound).Loksound micro sound decoders can now be installed in N scale locomotives. Contact us directly
If you have experience with loksound econami and TCS wow sound products, then you know the quality, operation and sound are second to none. If you have not experienced these decoders, then let us help enjoy these products to their full potential. If you are new to DCC come by the store for a sound demo and hear for yourself. Sound is the ultimate dimension. The Sound quality with today's sound decoders are excellent, with a complete myriad of programming options to get the most from them, including custom sound. The non sound ones feature a robust decoder, with several programmable items such as speed tables and hyperlite effects, and easy operability with their sound decoder counterparts. Your not buying a cheap decoder, you are buying an excellent decoder at a really good price, and you are getting free installation as well. We stand behind the products we sell and so do the decoder manufacturers we carry. You can rest easy knowing that your decoder, functions correctly from the start and will continue to do so for the long haul...

Need affordable installation options. Buy a decoder from us and installation is free. If you have any more specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact the store. Contact the store for pricing on standard non sound Decoders and installation options. In most cases decoder installations are free, depending upon the specifc applications.
Prices subject to change without notice due fluctuations in the dollar


All Loksound decoders are ordered blank and are loaded with sounds using the lokprogrammer, and are configured at no addtional cost. Contact the store for details. Prices subject to change without notice due to the changes in the dollar
If you want to install your own sound decoders they can be purchased from us, and have files pre-loaded for your convenience.
Add ons
SMD LED 0603 or SMD 0402 ditch lights (with castings if needed) or headlights installed with sound decoder, and configured
3mm bright headlight LEDS installed with sound decoder and configured ( 2 LED and 1 resistor)
SMD LED 0603 1 mm red, orange, strobe light installed with sound decoder and configured (1 LED and 1 resistor)
3 mm red, orange, strobe light installed with sound decoder and configured. (1 LED and 1 resistor)
The following added value services are free to customers who have us do the installation. All programming is done using suitable programming controller/downloader and configuration hardware and software respective to decoder brand. Addressing 2 to 4 digits, Sound selection and fine tuning ( IE Horn, bell, exhaust synchronization, auto or manual notching, One buttom straight to run 8 function programming) and more. All the above based on customer specifications.

While all the work done here is verfied and test run on our track, we have no control over how personal layouts are wired, controlled, and operated. We will not be held responsible for problems encountered on personal layouts or any possible damage to equipment as a result.
Prices subject the change without notice based on fluctuations of currency.
Tsunami install and SMD LED headlights and ditch lights
Tsunami install and SMD LED headlights and ditch lights
Custom paint on an tsunami equipped HO GE 70 ton locomotive
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Kato P-42 Tsunami install and all lighting functions working.
Tsunami sound install in a CPR Van hobbies brass loco
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HO Overland M-636 with loksound added and SMD 402 LEDS
Complete loksound decoder service including
free file upgrades for customers when a new file is released....